Calling out ocean stakeholders - your input is needed to adapt to marine heat waves

In a quest to safeguard our ocean and the livelihoods it supports, the CAREHeat project, part of the Ocean Health initiative funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), is launching an online questionnaire. This is your chance to help to shape the future of aquaculture, fisheries, and marine protected areas as we confront the pressing issue of marine heat waves (MHWs).

MHWs, characterised by prolonged periods of abnormally high sea temperatures, are posing an imminent threat to our marine ecosystems, economies, and communities. The CAREHeat project is committed to developing innovative solutions to tackle this challenge head-on.


Are you working on aquaculture, fisheries, or marine protected areas? We want to hear from you!

Aquaculture: if you are involved in aquaculture, your insights are vital to developing resilient strategies for your operations. Your knowledge will help us adapt to changing ocean temperature conditions, ensuring sustainable seafood production while also benefiting your business.
Fisheries: if you are a part of the fishing industry, your experiences are one of the driving force behind this project. Your participation will inform strategies to transition fisheries towards a more sustainable way of feeding the world while safeguarding fish stocks and maintaining your livelihoods in the face of rising sea temperatures.
Marine Protected Areas: protecting our ocean's delicate ecosystems is more critical than ever. If you are involved in marine conservation, your input will guide our efforts to preserve biodiversity and mitigate the impact of MHWs.

How to get involved

Participating in the online questionnaire is simple. Simply click in the links below to access the thematic questionnaires related to your field of activity and take a few minutes to share your opinion with us. Your responses will be entirely anonymous, so you can express your thoughts freely.

— Fisheries

— Aquaculture

— MPAs


What we aim to achieve

Your feedback will directly contribute to the development of effective policies, innovative technologies, and practical strategies to adapt to MHWs. CAREHeat is part of an international ESA initiative on ocean health already contributing to the battle against this environmental challenge, and your engagement is crucial.


Your voice matters

Together, we can shape a more sustainable, resilient future for aquaculture, fisheries, and marine protected areas. Your input is the key to success, so act today. Stand up to the challenge of MHWs and help us to protect the base of your professional activity, our ocean. 


About the CAREHeat Project

The ESA-funded CAREHeat project is dedicated to advancing our understanding of MHWs and developing innovative solutions to protect our ocean and the communities that rely on them. With cutting-edge technology and passionate stakeholders, we are working to ensure a sustainable future for all.

For more information, visit the CAREHeat website or ESA’s.